Personal IT Support Only A Phone Call Away

When I call SysCorp, I know exactly who I'll be speaking with and that my issues will be resolved quickly - I'm not on hold waiting for someone who doesn't know me or my business.

I love working with SysCorp because I know I can trust them. They do right by us and don't take advantage of our lack of IT knowledge. This is the service and support you need when running a business so if you're looking for IT support, call SysCorp now!

Mary Meisenbach Operations & Accounting Manager
City Tile and Floor Covering

SysCorp is always there when we need them

Over the years, we have worked with several IT consultants and have found that using the lowest priced provider does not result in quality service.  The old saying, “you get what you pay for,” is true more often than not.  SysCorp has always been there when we need them and they provide quality service that’s worth the price.  SysCorp has provides us with reliable managed services, including monitoring and backing up our most critical data  at times that minimize any disruption to our daily business. When viruses or excessive spam are detected by our staff, SysCorp responds to determine the source and resolve the issue. We have been very satisfied with the maintenance of our network provided by SysCorp.

Robbie Jones Office Manager
Griggs and Maloney Incorporated

We trust SysCorp to keep our network secure

In the real estate closing business, cybersecurity is our utmost concern.  SysCorp has proven that it is qualified and trustworthy, which is far more important to us than getting a bargain.  Maintaining and upgrading our computer system is a crucial part of protecting our client’s information and money.  SysCorp regularly monitors our network to guard against security breaches.  We know our data is backed up and safely stored offsite in the event of a catastrophic event, which is a requirement in our industry. We sleep better knowing our system is safe and that SysCorp is doing everything possible to keep us updated and protected.

Teri Nicholson Manager
Tolbert Law and Title

With SysCorp you get extreme value

When it comes to IT support, you get what you pay for; and with SysCorp you get extreme value. In the past, we worked with an IT company who didn’t have the experience we needed and it ended up costing a WHOLE lot more than what we should have paid. Our business depends on the computer system running at all times. We are not willing to risk our up time for the small amount of savings we would get from a cheaper less qualified company. SysCorp gives us great peace of mind thanks to their monitoring services; after all HIPAA is nothing to mess around with! We’re not going to put our business or our patients in jeopardy by having a breach. It’s becoming more and more common for medical practices to pay huge fines for breaches; all it takes is one episode and it can ruin your business and your reputation.

Leslie Straun Office Manager
Wild About Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

SysCorp Computer Services is a local company with fast response times.

I've been in business for 52 years and SysCorp, by far, is the best IT company that I have used. Their pricing is fair and reasonable. I like to do business with good honest companies and SysCorp definitely fits that description.

Steve Johns Owner
Steve Johns Appliance

Reliable, Knowledgeable And Personable - Priceless!

The biggest benefit I have received since choosing SysCorp for my IT is reliability. I know that when I call, I'm going to get an answer shortly, no waiting for days for a callback. When you are running a business, that is priceless!

Unlike other IT firms I have used, they treat me like a person, not a number. They listen, take care of my needs, and they do it in a language that I can understand.

Don't hesitate, call SysCorp today! With technology being what is today, and changing by the hour, you can trust that SysCorp is up to date with the latest technology and have the incredible peace of mind to concentrate on running my business.

Beverly Davis Independent Advisor
LPL Financial