When employees work from remote locations, they need access to important company files.  It’s easy to look at consumer-grade, cloud file sharing solutions like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive.  But listen up!

These applications pose a huge threat to your company because company data can be spread far and wide without central oversight of what information is being shared with whom.  Furthermore, over 7 MILLION Dropbox accounts have been hacked, giving cybercriminals a path into the company’s network.

This is even MORE important if your company has access to and/or stores financial, medical, or other sensitive data.  Using file-sharing applications like these are a clear and direct violation of data breach and compliance laws.  DON’T USE THEM FOR COMPANY DATA and use only company-approved, business-grade file-sharing applications.

SysCorp offers a Business Class File Sharing through our partner, FilesAnywhere.  Check out the list of features below

  • No File Size Limit: There is no limit to the size of the files uploaded/downloaded or sent from your account.
  • Group Sharing: Allows a user to share a folder (and its contents) to another user. Once a folder is shared, users can access the folder in their account just like it was one of their own.
  • Send/Receive Large Files to Non-Users: Send/Receive large files or even folders though fully customizable File Share/File Receive links to non-members. Secure your links by enabling password protection and auto expiration. Keep an audit trail by tracking each activity, receiving automatic notification, accepting signature, and checkbox approval.
  • Password Protected Sharing: Users can protect the links they send out with a password, thus, securing their shared downloads and ensuring safe delivery to the recipient.
  • Online Real Time File Collaboration: Office Online editor, online Zoho document editor, and the Google editor allow users to edit documents without downloading them and re-uploading them. Save time and edit online using any of these editors. Shared files can be simultaneously edited by multiple users in real time.
  • Mobile Access & Apps: Download mobile apps for your smart phones or tablets, or use your mobile browser. Never be without your files anywhere you go.
  • Customizable eForms & Online Surveys: Fully customizable eForms for data capture, surveys, collection forms and anything else imaginable. Utilizing these forms can streamline any process that requires collecting information, uploading files or even downloading them.  Masking field data also included to increase security.
  • Point-in-Time Data Restore: Snapshots of all accounts are taken at 11:00PM every day and are stored for thirty days. These snapshots can be used to restore data which may have been accidentally deleted.
  • Check in / Check out: Users can check out a file which prevents anyone else from downloading it before the newer version is checked back in. This feature prevents users from accidentally overwriting a co-worker's changes.

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