What is Data Recovery?

Data recovery is the process of acquiring any lost data located on a storage device, such as a laptop, mobile phone, or online server. Data loss can happen as a result of a human error, but more commonly occurs due to the sudden failure of a storage device or damage to file systems. As long as a file is located on the storage device, it is likely data recovery can retrieve the lost data.

There are multiple ways to go about data recovery, depending on whether a storage device has undergone physical damage or not. A damaged drive may be able to have data recovered by attempting to extract data directly, but most data loss cases are fixable using software.

How Does Data Recovery Software Work?

Data recovery software can recover lost data by utilizing specialized tools to locate the data and display it on the user's device in a usable format. For example, if a user accidentally ends up deleting important files from a computer, it can appear that data is gone forever. However, the reality is that the data is still stored on the storage drive, it is just the portion of the drive that was used to store the data that is marked as free, ready to be overwritten with new data. So long as no new data is written to this spot in the drive, data recovery software can help to retrieve these lost files, getting it back to the user in its original form.

The 4 Types of Data Recovery

Depending on the type of data loss, different methods of data recovery may be employed. Data recovery software can be used to address many of these types, and accounts for most cases of successful recovery. The main four types are:

Software Data Recovery

This type of data recovery happens when data is lost due to a simple computer crash or a virus. A software program can take this corrupted data and restore it back to its original form.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

When a hard drive fails and data can no longer be accessed, hard drive recoveries seek to physically repair the drive to restore functionality.

Digital Data Recovery

Data loss associated with digital appliances such as printers and smart home appliances can be solved by recovering their hard drives.

Server Data Recovery

Especially helpful for businesses that store data on servers such as RAID configurations, this type of data loss results from total system failures rather than the failure of a single drive. A secure data recovery can be made with partition repairs or physical repairs, depending on the situation.

Choosing the Best Data Recovery Service For Your Business

In today's digital landscape, losing data can cause huge setbacks for any business. Computers and servers are used to store valuable business and customer data, and any business owner should ensure that this data is safe and has a solution in case the worst happens. For this reason, it is important to find a trusted company of recovery specialists to ensure the job gets done properly.

When looking for the best data recovery service, it is important to consider testimonials and the reputation of a company. Similarly, look for a company that is industry certified and has a team of professionals working to ensure the best results. At SysCorp Computer Services, we can offer professional data recovery service that can help to defend your business from data loss.